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Because my service area includes all of Southern California, my prices may vary. The distance from my Orange County

What to Expect

  • Expect me to arrive on time. I prefer to begin work early because I travel early to avoid traffic. So I arrive at your home or business one or two hours before I begin work. My hours can be flexible, though.
  • Expect to pay on the day of service by cash or in some cases check.
  • Expect an invoice by email.

Becky Poop Cleanup Prices

I have a $250 service charge. It may include up to one hour of labor. "One hour of labor" does not mean that I will work for you for one hour if the poop cleanup task is completed in less time. So if it only takes me three minutes to complete your poop cleanup task, the fee is still $250. I point this out because some people think I should find something else to work at in their home or business to complete a full hour of labor.

Prices for poop cleanup beyond one hour begin at $40 an hour. Poop cleanup prices can also go to $50 per hour depending on circumstances. I try to explain "circumstances" below. Usually, if it's clear that more than one hour of labor will be required to complete a poop cleanup task, I may work for up to 10 minutes or even 20 minutes longer to complete the task without additional charge. But usually after 20 minutes some negotiation will need to take place.

I do not charge for any breaks I might take. I do not charge time for any movement be between the work scene in my vehicles. I do not charge for time if I must answer my telephone. So I am flexible in the sense that I may work more than one hour, within reason, and not charge for that hour.

With all of that said, for three hours a poop cleanup work you can count on a fee between 330 and $350. I also have an Eddie Evans biohazard cleanup web site for more information about cleaning and prices.

Who pays for poop cleanup work?


The elderly suffering from stomach issues and digestive issues account for over half of my poop cleanup work. In fact, this population accounts for about 80% of my poop cleanup work that goes beyond one hour. Because they suffer a debilitating illness or disease in their later years, sometimes these folks lose control of their bowels, their spinster muscles, at the worst possible moment. Perhaps in the kitchen washing dishes or cutting onions on the kitchen sink, they suddenly lose control of their bowels and begin to poop. They may run for the bathroom. As they try to control their loose bowels the soil the floor below them with nearly liquid poop. Once in the bathroom the soil the exterior of the toilet as well as much of the bathroom floor.

It's hard to clean the carpet that is been soiled by loose bowels. It's as if doing a blood cleanup, the cleaning practitioner strike that the blood cleanup practitioner must somehow flush the blood from the carpet, the carpet latex below the carpet fiber, and even the carpet padding between the carpet and the floor below. T

This takes a lot of time and effort. In the case of poop, the situation is not dramatic, but takes a lot of time. With blood cleanup he simply cut out the carpet. But with poop cleanup we sometimes try to save the carpet. This is a judgment call by the owner, not by me, the poop cleanup practitioner.

Patients recently released from the hospital may suffer diarrhea and a fate similar to the elderly as noted above. When they move about their residence trying to reach a toilet the soil a large area. As a result it may take two or even three hours to remove the feces from the floor below.

Sometimes a bowel movement will begin on a couch or sofa which requires cleaning the couch or sofa as well as the floor below all the way to the bathroom and toilet. This requires more than an hour for certain.

So depending on circumstances, I will charge either $40 per hour or $50 per hour to continue poop cleanup beyond my allotted one hour of service included in my $250 service charge.

People with pets

Becky poop cleanup jobs that I expect to take more than one hour usually include those individuals and families who live with pets. They may not cleanup poop after these pets for one reason or another. Perhaps they have gone on an emergency vacation and needed to leave their pets unattended. Perhaps they must travel to their work at great distance for weeks at a time and leave their pets unattended (some critical care nurses working on contract in residential settings may fit this description.).

Mental Conditions

There are individuals suffering from mental conditions who for reasons I cannot explain live with their pets and among their pets poop, feces. For them poop cleanup is not in their vocabulary and assets not a concern.

As a result of these accumulating pet poop conditions, County Health Departments become aware of a health risk in the community. Property owners are contacted. Social workers or employees of government agencies may begin to look for a poop cleanup practitioner like myself. They may even go to a biohazard cleanup company or blood cleanup company for assistance in poop cleanup work.


Sometimes family members will contact me to clean for their parents or siblings. It's not uncommon for family members to live apart. For what ever reason some family members may move to the East Coast, for example. They may not have seen their siblings or parents for a decade or more, but they continue to fill responsible for their family members.

When they learned of their parent or siblings condition and need for help. They begin to search for someone like myself. These colors represent a small number of my Becky poop cleanup customers. They do represent an important population in my poop cleanup business because it is rewarding to help them resolve issues for their families.

Traffic congestion as never before accounts for the many hours I must spend on the road traveling to Becky poop cleanup sites. It seems like I can count on running into a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam on any freeway. It seems like someone will have tailgated the car in front of them and finally collided because of excessive speed. So I spent a lot of hours are Southern California freeways because of aggressive drivers.

Recently to I have noticed an increase of than number of disabled vehicles along the road. One car or truck breakdown in the middle of a freeway causes miles and miles backed up traffic. All of this goes to my overall cost because when I'm on the road, I'm not working. When I'm on the road, I'm not writing content as here. So I'm not making money when I'm on the road.

Who Pays for Becky Poop Cleanup?

Historians tell us that poop cleanup practitioner's travel the narrow, dirt trails between homes in Paris in the 18th century collecting poop. As rural areas slowly turned into urban areas, cities, disposal of human poop became a serious issue. It was not uncommon for people to lean out of their windows and simply cost the poop into the adjoining road. Naturally, before long poop cleanup became a necessity.

In Paris the poop cleanup technicians pulled their poop carts from Paris streets and roads to fields beyond the city limits. Here they deposited the poop loads for nature to take its course. Eventually this method of poop cleanup began to fail in Paris found itself in deep deep trouble.

In London, a similar lackadaisical approach to poop cleanup led to health issues as well as growing populations of flies. It did not take centuries, but it did take decades before London residence found ways to deposit their poop in the Thames River. Before long the river began to stink mightily. Action would take time, but when the odor became unbearable for the ruling class in the workplace, the House of Lords which towered over the themes River, monies for a sewer system began to develop.

So we find there is a written history of poop cleanup by poop cleanup practitioners like myself.

Even in Southern California